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Metropol Courses is a chain of educational institutions that have contributed to shaping the future of hundreds of thousands of students with the courses they have organized in the fields of preparation for YÖS and SAT exams since 1995, as well as in the field of Turkish teaching (TÖMER) to foreign students.

Our institution has undertaken a modern and principled understanding of education at every level of education by constantly improving its educational perspective, with the pride and confidence given to it by the students who have achieved superior success in the exams thanks to the courses organized in our branches.

The experience we have accumulated over many years has enabled us to evaluate every development in all areas we serve in a way that will increase the success of our students and to become more productive by renewing ourselves.

Our institution will continue its principled, contemporary and constantly renewing education approach in the future and will continue to shed light on the future of our dear students.

Best Regards.

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