Our Teachers

Metropol Courses;

  • Works with teachers who have a high level of experience in their fields of expertise,
  • Are experienced in knowledge transfer,
  • Pedagogically competent and have a professional approach in exam preparation processes.

Our teachers are in our institutions during all working hours and try to transfer all their knowledge and information to students. Working one-on-one with students outside of the classroom, they complete the missing information of our students and answer their questions. In all our branches, the doors of our teachers’ rooms are always open to our students.

Metropol Courses is an institution that has completed its institutionalization process, and with years of experience, it knows that frequent teacher changes affect success negatively. It provided the necessary opportunities for our teachers to work in a peaceful environment and to educate themselves well.

Each course has a chief of the department in our institutions. The Department chiefs are determined among our competent, experienced, and high-level teachers. In the regular department meetings, each department continuously evaluates its subjects and take measures for increasing the students` achievements.

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