Our Education System

In Metropol Courses,

  • The subjects are explained in detail and the necessary repetitions are made in order to understand the subjects well.
  • The learning level of the students is monitored with the tests and subject screening exams given at the end of the subject.
  • Subjects are reinforced with homework booklets and other materials given to students.
  • Homework follow-up is done by the course teachers. Homework follow-up reports are recorded by the guidance service and routinely shared with parents.
  • One-to-one private lessons, study, and additional course programs are continuously carried out under the supervision of the teachers.
  • Lecture books, question banks, homework and workbooks, leaf tests, and screening tests prepared by our expert teachers are distributed to our students free of charge.
  • Lessons are conducted within a certain system. In this way, attendance and absenteeism are monitored and students’ participation in the lessons is ensured.
  • Our parents can get all the information about their students face to face, by phone or through our student/parent information system. Our guidance service makes private meetings with parents when it deems necessary.
  • The development stages of the students are monitored continuously and their exam results, attendance-absenteeism information, and their morale-motivation status are shared with their parents.
  • In our courses, there are libraries and study halls where our students can work efficiently outside the classroom. Our students can easily use these environments whenever they want.
  • Social activities are organized at regular intervals in our courses in order to reduce the exam stress of our students and increase their morale-motivation.

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