YÖS (Foreign Student Examination or Admissions Exams from Abroad alias) preparation course our program description of the subjects covered by organized examinations of the universities in Turkey, consists of repeated and intensive practical work.

Our YÖS classes are divided into weekday and weekend classes, and classes in which the lessons are taught in Turkish or English. All of our groups are level groups in which students are classified according to their level of knowledge.


Start Time Courses
26 JUNE 2023 3 SEPTEMBER 2023 10 Weeks

Class Courses End: JUNE 2, 2024

Course End:

2 JUNE 2024
39 Weeks
2 OCTOBER 2023 35 Weeks
6 NOVEMBER 2023 30 Weeks
4 DECEMBER 2023 26 Weeks
2 JANUARY 2024 22 Weeks

It is aimed to offer Metropol Publications materials, the one and only professional YÖS publisher, to the students enrolling to our courses offering the widest range of publishing content for YÖS preparation in Turkey and to practice the important tasks with our students in the process of preparing exam with our publications at the highest level.

These publications offered to our students for free:

Including 15 books in total,

- YÖS Mathematics with Subject Explanation and Sample Solution 1
- YÖS Mathematics with Subject Explanation and Sample Solution 2
- YÖS Mathematics Question Bank 1
- YÖS Mathematics Question Bank 2
- YÖS Geometry with Subject Explanation and Sample Solution
- YÖS General Ability (IQ) Subject Explanations 1
- YÖS General Ability (IQ) Subject Explanations 2
- YÖS General Ability (IQ) Question Bank 2
- YÖS Trial Exams (30 Trials)
- YÖS Digital Logic with Subject Explanation and Example with Solution
- YÖS Mathematical Problems with Subject Explanations and Sample Solutions
- YÖS Question Bank with Turkish Subject Explanations
- YÖS Mathematics Pocket Book
- YÖS Geometry Pocket Book
- YÖS Turkish Pocket Book

In addition to books,

- Homework Booklets: These are booklets prepared separately for each subject and used in homework or additional lessons. There are 31 booklets on mathematics and 10 on geometry.
- Leaf Tests: These are tests that are solved during lectures or additional lessons or used as homework again and prepared separately for each subject. There are 144 tests on the general ability course, 136 on the mathematics course, 32 on the numerical logic - mathemetics word problems and 90 on the geometry course.
- YÖS Trial Exams: These are mock exams and each of which has the characteristics of a YÖS rehearsal, used to detect changes in students' levels and to correct their deficiencies, and at the end of the semester to prepare for real exams. In total, 20 mock exams are applied, and it is particularly important for students to learn their level before the actual exams, especially since the participation of students from outside our institution is quite high in the final exams.

All our mock exams are applied and announced simultaneously in all Metropol Courses branches in 9 countries and 32 different centers. In this way, our students can measure their levels with exams attended by more than two thousand students and have more detailed information about their development processes.

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All the publications given to our students in our courses consist of lectures and original questions prepared by our expert teachers who work in the Metropol Publications YÖS department, which are carefully examined in the relevant boards.

Our counseling service, which is an integral part of our courses, programs group or one-on-one private lessons for our students, apart from the compulsory weekly lessons. In addition, when our students demand, they can take group or one-on-one lessons from the lessons or subjects they have missings.

In addition, our guidance teachers, training coaches and consultants provide psychological counseling and guidance services to our students throughout the learning process, and all application and preference procedures and vocational guidance processes of our students are carried out by us.

All course, publication and guidance services in YÖS preparation courses are also offered online. All our teaching programs and courses, which are provided face-to-face with an advanced digital infrastructure, can also be provided as remote online education if necessary, and our classes and course contents are protected in the same way. In addition to the routine lessons in the course content, online question solutions, online additional lessons and one-to-one lessons are also part of our distance education system. Our publications are distributed to our students as printed materials and can also be presented digitally in special processes. In addition to all these online services, we also have remote application-preference procedures and counseling, vocational guidance and psychological counseling services for exams.

In addition to online course, publication and guidance content, all students enrolled in our YÖS courses are enrolled in the Metropol Student Information System. Metropol Student Information System is an online platform where our students can view their absenteeism, exam results, homework, application-preference information and documents digitally.

Students who will come to Turkey to attend our courses can enroll in our courses by remote online, then they can apply for a student visa to Turkey embassy or consulate in their country with the "Acceptance Letter" sent to them, if the application is accepted, they can get a residence permit for educational purposes by logging in with student visa to enter Turkey.

In the residence permit processes of our students who want not to waste time by applying for student visa for coming to Turkey and who want to come to Turkey as a tourist, we would offer logistical support required.

Note 1: In order to register / pre-register for our courses remotely online, you must send us your passport or ID by email, and also deposit at least 20% of the course fee of the group you plan to attend to our bank accounts that will be notified to you via email. You can contact our branches' phone numbers or email addresses to get information about course fees.
Note 2: Due to the intense demand for our groups, the quotas of some of our groups are filled before their start dates and their registrations are closed. For this reason, it would be beneficial to register the group or groups you are planning to register before their start date.
Note 3: Students who will enroll are required 2 photographs, a certified passport / ID copy, if any, a copy of the residence permit and a certified diploma copy from high school graduates.
Note 4: The curriculum becomes clear at least 2 days before the related groups lessons start.

2023 MID HOLIDAY: MONDAY, JANUARY 23, 2023 - SUNDAY, JANUARY 29, 2023 (including Mondays and Sundays)

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