The content of our TÖMER (Turkish for Foreigners) courses is based on the development of four basic language skills equally. These skills are:

- Understanding (Reading-Listening)
- Writing (Written Expression)
- Speaking (Oral Expression)
- Grammar

Our TÖMER course programs consist of three levels. Each level is independent from each other. To participate in a top level lot, it is necessary to be successful in the previous level.

Turkish Placement Exam is applied to all candidates who enroll in our courses and will study before being placed in the groups. Candidates are placed in groups suitable for their level according to their exam results. Our groups are divided into two groups as weekend and weekday groups apart from the students' Turkish level.


Start Time
- Metropol Publications Turkish Teaching Beginner Level (A1-A2)
- It is the first set of the book set that is prepared in three volumes.
- Metropol Publications Turkish Language Teaching Intermediate (B1-B2).
- It is the second set of the book set prepared in three volumes.
- Metropol Publications Turkish Language Teaching High Level (C1-C2).
- It is the third set of the book set prepared in three volumes.
- All of our book sets divided according to levels consist of 3 different books, including lecture books, practice books and listening comprehension books (with QR code online listening recordings and CDs).

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All publications given to our students in our courses consist of lectures and original questions prepared by our expert teachers working in the department of TÖMER, Metropol Publications, and carefully examined in the relevant boards.

In our TÖMER courses, level completion exams are applied at the end of each level;

- Beginner level (A1, A2),
- Intermediate (B1, B2) and
- Our students who successfully complete their high level (C1, C2) courses are entitled to receive a METROPOL Turkish Diploma for Foreigners (Turkish Proficiency Certificate).

At the same time, our students can take the Yunus Emre Institute and Istanbul University TÖMER exams free of charge and receive alternative diplomas.

There are also exams with different contents for students who want to certify their foreign language level without attending our Turkish courses for foreigners. Students who request can take a Placement Certificate or a Turkish Proficiency Certificate by participating in our placement tests or diploma exams.

Our guidance service, which is an integral part of our courses, programs group or one-on-one private lessons for our students, apart from the compulsory weekly lessons. In addition, when our students demand, they can take group or one-on-one lessons from the lessons or subjects they are missing.

In addition, our guidance teachers, training coaches and counselors provide psychological counseling and guidance services to our students throughout the learning process, and all application and preference procedures and vocational guidance processes of our students are carried out by us.

All course, publication and guidance services in our TÖMER groups are also offered online. All our teaching programs and courses, which are provided face-to-face with an advanced digital infrastructure, can also be provided as remote online education if necessary, and our classes and course content are protected in the same way. In addition to the routine lessons in the course content, online question solutions, online additional lessons and one-to-one lessons are also part of our distance education system. Our publications are distributed to our students as printed materials and can also be presented digitally in special processes. In addition to all these online services, we also offer distance learning counseling and psychological counseling services.

In addition to online course, publication and guidance content, all students registered in our courses are registered in the Metropol Student Information System. Metropol Student Information System is an online platform where our students can view their absenteeism, exam results, homework and documents digitally.

Apart from Turkish courses for foreigners, we also have YÖS Turkish Tests Preparation groups to prepare you for the Turkish tests in the Foreign Student Exams (YÖS), and it is possible to join these groups without attending TÖMER courses.

Students who will come to Turkey to attend our courses can enroll in our courses by remote online, then they can apply for a student visa to Turkey embassy or consulate in their country with the "Acceptance Letter" sent to them, if the application is accepted, they can get a residence permit for educational purposes by logging in with student visa to enter Turkey.

In the residence permit processes of our students who want not to waste time by applying for student visa for coming to Turkey and who want to come to Turkey as a tourist, we would offer logistical support required.

Note 1: In order to register / pre-register for our courses remotely online, you must send us your passport or ID by email, and also deposit at least 20% of the course fee of the group you plan to attend to our bank accounts that will be notified to you via email. You can contact our branches' phone numbers or email addresses to get information about course fees.
Note 2: Due to the intense demand for our groups, the quotas of some of our groups are filled before their start dates and their registrations are closed. For this reason, it would be beneficial to register the group or groups you are planning to register before their start date.
Note 3: Students who will enroll are required 2 photographs, a certified passport / ID copy, if any, a copy of the residence permit and a certified diploma copy from high school graduates.
Note 4: The curriculum becomes clear at least 2 days before the related groups lessons start.

2023 MID HOLIDAY: MONDAY, JANUARY 23, 2023 - SUNDAY, JANUARY 29, 2023 (including Mondays and Sundays)

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